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Welcome to KPAT Shoestring Radio


This site was made for and by Veterans, and family & friends of Veterans. We hope you enjoy this site and come here often to to see what we're up to here at KPAT.

As Veterans here at KPAT, we understand the challenges of serving, coming home and transitioning to civilian life. We've been there. Some of us are still figuring it out.

There are still some of us are not aware of the benefits we are entitled to. This is where KPAT comes in. Please consider clicking on the link in the upper right hand corner to donate to KPAT and help us keep the lights on and help Veterans who need us.

To find our On-Line Music Station, please go to live365.com, type KPAT into the search and hit enter. There we are! Click "listen" and sit back and let the music take you away!

If you're a Veteran, feel free to share your experiences with us. If you've never served, see what Veterans have to say in their own words, right here.

This is a music station for Vets and those who are still serving. There will be music, of course and info on getting help from the V.A.

If you'd like us to make your story into a Veterans Theater Show, tell us your story at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will get in touch with you and may be able to write a story about your experience to be broadcast on our station. Veterans Theater at its best!

Those of us who have served know that our families gave us the strength to serve, and supported us when we came home. Those of us who are family members continue to want to do whatever we can to provide that critical level of care, support and recognition. Many of the people in our communities have never served in the military, but many are tied to someone who has. We've thrived because of our efforts to support each other.

We hope the tools we've pulled together can help bring military families closer whether they are reuniting or still far apart.

Progress to End Veterans Homelessness is big for us here at kpat.org. With help from you and others who feel the same way we do, hopefully we can start putting an end to it.

As Veterans helping Veterans, we need to aid those who are suffering, getting them the help they deserve before it is too late.

Our biggest challenge remains doing all we can to help the VA put into place a new, much quicker and whole lot more accurate claims processing system. 

As more and more Active Duty and recently Discharged Veterans learn about our Music Station, we will continue seeing more and more Veterans seeking our help.

Please, help ensure that we are prepared to provide them with the very best service possible. They deserve it. Those Veterans, their families and this wonderful organization depend on you to be ready to help us so we can help the Vets. PLEASE, Click on that button up there in the right hand corner.